Microsoft Your Phone App now runs Android apps on Windows Machine also getting a new Contacts tab and few UI tweaks


With a strong partnership with Samsung, Microsoft bringing an exclusive feature to Your Phone App for Samsung Android smartphones. Your phone App is an Android application built by Microsoft to connect the Android phone with the windows machine instantly. By this feature, now you can run any android apps installed on your Samsung phone directly from your Windows Machine. But this option only works with some selected Samsung devices. According to the online reports, they are working on bringing too many models soon. 

Running Android Apps on Windows Machine | Source: Microsoft

In Short, the latest feature enables you to cast your Android mobile screen on the windows machine, and through you can access any android apps installed on the device. Samsung lists all supported devices here. The list includes the latest Note series, Galaxy S, and several A series devices. You will be able to run Apps with these Samsung devices in select markets running Android 9.0 or greater that have Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows installed.

Windows Phone App – A bridge to your Android device from Windows.

Apart from this Samsung exclusives, Your Phone App already has amazing features that run on any Android phone other than Samsung. It instantly connects your Android device with Windows 10 machine, and then you can read messages, access to your latest photos on the gallery, drag and drop file sharing, or even attend the calls from your PC.

New Contacts Tab on Windows Companion Your Phone App | Source:

Besides, on the coming updates, Microsoft will feature a new “Contact” tab to Your Phone App. The contact tab enables users to access their contacts and allows users to make calls or send a text to the selected contact with ease. However, the public release of this new added contact tab will take some days to reach all devices because this still under Preview.

New Sent From Phone Section | Source:

Along with the new contacts Tab, Microsoft further adds a “Sent from Phone” section to the Your Phone App. As the name suggests, this section list all files sent by users from a connected Android phone to the Windows machine. It is reportedly still under development, so the new file sharing section only available to some closed beta tester’s.

My Devices section linked devices | Source:

Moreover, The app gets some refreshed UI tweaks as well. Microsoft also brings a new section to manage connected devices called “My devices.” It’s a useful feature since Microsoft already added support for multiple devices in the previous updates, so users with multiple linked devices can take advantage.

We already wrote a tutorial article on “How to Connect Your Phone App with the Windows 10“. You can head to this link and read the step-by-step process to connect your Android device with Windows 10.

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