How to use Google’s TikTok rival YouTube Shorts?


As we know, no other app like TikTok had gained this much boom in social media in recent years. As the TikTok ban continues, it made a significate gap in cyberspace, as a result, the famous American Tech giants are coming to the war front with their TikTok rivals. After Instagram reels, Google’s in-house video service Youtube also introduced a short video service like TikTok called YouTube Shorts last week. 

What is YouTube Shorts ?

 It is a short video-sharing service that lets users create and publish short vertical videos like TikTok directly from the YouTube mobile app. With Shorts, you can create 15 seconds or less video with straight from your mobile camera. Not only create the short-form video but also YouTube offers a handful of features to make the video creation much smoother. It provides 

  • a Multi-Segment camera to combine the multiple videos
  • the option to record a short video with the music from the library.
  • speed Controls to adjust the video tempo. 
  • a timer and countdown for hands-free hassle less video recording. 

YouTube already rolled out all these features with a beta tag in selected countries, and we will see more features in the nearby days. 

Along with this new feature, Google also adds a row on the YouTube homepage only for short videos made by the YouTube Shorts. With this new watch experience, now you can swipe vertically to watch short videos from one to next.  

How to make YouTube Shorts videos ? 

According to the blog post, YouTube hasn’t rolled out the service publicly, but as of now, the users from India will get early beta access to the Short. If you have access to the Shorts camera, follow the steps to make the videos with Shorts. 

  1. Open the latest version YouTube app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the “+ “icon placed middle on the bottom control bar. 
  3. You will see a “Create Video” if you have access to the short’s camera. 
  4. Once the record complete, you can upload it to your channel for a public audience. 

If you do not have access to the Shorts camera yet, but you can still make the Shorts videos by creating less than 60 seconds with #Shorts in the title or description. YouTube will consider your created video as Shorts, and it will feature in the new watch section on the home page. 

Source: Youtube

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