How to do Reverse Image Search on Phone?


Now more than ever, people use the internet to spread numerous amount of fake images every day. You must be very careful before forwarding an image on social media. But you could distinguish it with some simple tricks. Google, the big daddy on the internet provides some cool tools to identify the fake altered images across the web. With Google Reverse Image Search, you can find the source of an image with more details about it even with your phone, whether it is Android or iPhone doesn’t matter.

Reverse Image Search is a common approach to stop the fabricated news and hoax by identifying the originality of an image. Thanks to Google, for making this so easy and efficient. If you are a non-Google user, then alternate options like TinEye or Yandex help you out instead. I’ll explain how to do a reverse image search and find fake images on your mobile by all of these three services.

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Google Reverse Image Search on Phone.

1.Open Chrome or any preinstalled browser on your smartphone. Enable desktop site option from settings .


2. Browse the URL “” in the address bar. You’ll see a Google search page with two options you can search either with an image URL or by upload an image locally stored on your device.


3. After uploading image just click “Search by image” button.

Alternatively, You could also do the same procedure to make a Google Reverse Image Search on desktop also but ignore the step one since you already on the desktop. But it is necessary when you are doing it on mobile.


It is an image search and recognition company with which enables you to search and find the origin of the image on the internet. Presently TinEye crossed over 41.9 billion images in their index.

Similar to Google, TinEye also allows reverse image search by uploading an image or searching with URL. You can also do a drag and drop your images to start your search.

1.Open any browser and copy the link “” to address bar.


2.Then click the upload or paste the image URL. Tap on search.


Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia provides a powerful reverse image search tool of its own. You can either use their web version or easily run the search by using Yandex browser which available on play store. It also enables you to filter the search results by file size Large, Medium or Small. You can even use it without any user sign up.

1.Go to “” and click images.


2.You can upload the image by clicking the camera button on the left side of the search bar or paste the image URL.



Yahoo image Search and Microsoft Bing also good alternatives if you are looking more.No matter what kind of service you used its all doing the same function but the result varies depending on their image index and crawling efficiency. The choice is yours all are secure and free to use service also keeping your privacy at top-notch.

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