How to Keep Your Privacy and Improve Security on Instagram


Nowadays, people are spending more of their time on Instagram rather than Facebook. Because Instagram is simple, better UI, more mobile-friendly, has better story customization, and fewer spam junks. Instagram is meant to share your favorite photos and videos with your followers. So, your security and privacy enormously essential on Instagram.  

Apart from all this goodness, like other social media platforms, Facebook-owned social media also not free from spammers, scammers, and hackers. But do not worry about, with minor adjustments and tricks, you can improve your privacy and stay safe on Instagram better than ever.  

Tips and tweaks to harden your Instagram privacy and security

How to stop unknown Group and DM request on Instagram   

Sometimes while busy chatting with your followers, you are often getting message requests from random people to join unwanted group chats. It is annoying, right? Technically, there is no one-click option to disable group chat requests from all. But with Instagram privacy settings, you can limit this kind of group chat request, for at least from your followers. Also, let you disable the notification even if it is from followers. Learn how it works.  

Limit Group and DM chat request
  • Open Instagram on your device> Go to Privacy under Settings > Tap on Messages > Once you reach there, change messaging permission to; Only People you follow. Then onwards, only the people you follow will able to send DM and group requests.  
Hide Group chat & DM request notifications
  • You can disable all DM and group requests by navigating Settings> notifications > Turn off Message and Group request notification under Direct Messages.  

Turn on 2-Factor Authentication on Instagram.  

With enabled 2-Factor Authentication, nobody can access your Instagram account even with a compromised password. It will require an OTP each time when you log in to your Instagram account on new devices.  

2 FA on Instagram

To turn on, go to “ Settings “ > select “Privacy and Security” > tap on “Get Started” under “Two-Factor Authentication.”   

You will have two options, either to use an Authentication App like Duo Mobile or by Text Message send by Instagram to your preferred number.   

Block Abusive commenters and hide offensive comments   

The social media are the most usual places where more cyberbullying occurs. Unluckily Instagram also not free from it. You cannot change their minds; however, Instagram gives you several options to manage the people who can interact with your post. You can block them from spreading abusive comments on your posts or hide offensive comments- with no hint.  

Block Abusive commenters and hide offensive comments

To block Abusive commenters, go to Settings > Navigate to Comments under Privacy and Security > Add people to block them from commenting.  

Turn on “Hide Offensive Comments” to remove it from your posts, stories, and live videos. Additionally, you can also report directly to Instagram if someone violates Community Guidelines.

Control over Tagging and Mentions   

In the early days, anyone on Instagram could have tagged you in their photos and videos. But now they added the ability to control who can and cannot tag you or let it when you approve manually.  

Block Tagging and Mentions on Instagram

Head into Settings > Privacy> Tags to allow tags from everyone, or people you follow or not from anyone. You can turn on approve the tagging manually and see the pending tag requests right from these settings.  

Similar to Tag Management, Instagram lets you decide who can mention you and connect your profile in their stories, comments, and captions. To manage tap on “Mentions” under Privacy.   

Update the privacy settings for your Instagram Stories  

Instagram Stories are the best way to boost your post engagements and reach. Comparing to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has better customization options for making stories interactively. Besides these options, it also gives you bunch settings to make it secure.  

Privacy settings on Instagram Stories  

In Settings > Privacy > Story, you can hide it from selected people, or choose who can reply, or block it from other people to re-share.  

Hide Activity Status  

You may already notice, if someone is online on Instagram, they place a small green light next to their Instagram name or shown about the last active time if the user is not online. Like this, your activity also visible to all your followers, but you can turn it off from the settings if you need more privacy.  

Hide Activity Status for more privacy

To hide Activity Status, go to Settings > Privacy > Activity Status   

Make your Account Private 

With Instagram’s default settings, your photos, and videos to be seen by any other user. That’s fine when your agenda is to get more public visitors rather than privacy. But making it for the public has a higher chance to get misuse of your personal kinds of stuff.    

Instagram Private Account

It’s quick and easy to change an Instagram account visibility from public to private. To enable, go to Settings > Privacy > Turn on Private Account. Please note you cannot change business accounts into a private account. 

Restrict, Mute, and Block your disturbing instgram followers  

Instagram provides three ways to manage your connections. In restricted Accounts, it will protect you from unwanted interactions from your followers without removing or blocking the people you know. If you add someone in muted Accounts, you will free from listing their posts on your feed. If they are still disturbing you more the best thing is to block them.  

You can do all this from Settings > Privacy > under Connections. Surprisingly, your followers do not know that you Restricted, Mute, or Block them. 

Review your Log in History 

Login Activity keeps the information about your previous login locations, date, and which device used. If you have doubted any past login you can block it from there.  

Login Activity History

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