Fedora 33 Pre-Release (Beta) version is now available to download – Check out what is inside


After the 6-month development and testing, The Fedora Project released a pre-release version of Fedora 33. The latest beta version is a release candidate to the upcoming Fedora 33, set to release at the end of October.    

Apart from the default workstation with gnome flavor, you can download the Fedora Spins with KDE Plasma, Xfce, and other desktop environments directly from the website. The ISO images for ARM devices like Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 also available in the download section. Along with Fedora Workstation and Fedora Server, Fedora 33 Beta further enabled the supports for Fedora IoT devices officially.  

What is new in Fedora 33   

Fedora 33 Re-Release Edition

When comparing with the earlier version, Fedora 33 brings too many major changes and fixes. Fedora 33 features the latest gnome 3.38 and all its visual changes like the Welcome Tour App, revamped application grid, Fingerprint support, new parental controls, and a lot more.  You can read the full changes here.

The next major progress in Fedora 33, now onwards Anaconda installer uses Bfrts as the default filesystem. It is a big move because Fedora used Ex4 as their default files system ever since from Fedora Core 1. With this swift, Fedora 33 benefits all Bfrts advanced features, including transparent compression and copy-on-write.  

Fedora 33 further adds thermald configuration natively for much improved thermal management and performance on Intel-based PC’s. Thermald is a daemon process to watch the thermal sensors and change colling controls to prevent the system from overheating.  

Besides these major changes, Fedora 33 now will use Namo as the default text editor. The new Animated Background switches the background hue according to the time of the day.  

About Fedora 33 Pre-Release(Beta)   

The Fedora 33 beta uses the same Anaconda installer you would not feel any visual changes except the beta warning from the beginning. On the Disk setup, I used guided partition; the installer automatically sets Bfrts and partitioned the disk accordingly.

I installed it on my Hp x360 laptop, however; after a few hours testing, I did not get any errors or freezes till now. The new home screen wallpaper looks pleasing. After a DNF system update, the Kernel now bumped to 5.8.12. Comparing to Fedora 32, the Beta is surprisingly fast and much more responsive. The added features and enhancements in the latest Gnome 3.38 make it even better.  

New Wallpaper in Fedora 33 Beta

In Short, it still under testing so obviously has issues so Fedora 33 pre-release version is not recommended to run on production systems. You can find here all known bugs, additionally, you can also report if new errors are found on testing. 

Source : Fedora Magazine

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