How to connect your Android phone with Windows 10


Are you a person who wishes had instant access to your phone right from your Windows machine to read your messages, view your photos or even make a call without touching your phone? You may become tired to find out the phone only for just making a response to a single call or message. Sometimes you’d use email to send your latest photos only for getting it on your desktop. Don’t worry, Microsoft opens a way to do this all from your Windows PC without accessing your phone if it connected already. I’ll help you to connect your Android phone with Windows 10 in an easy way.

Microsoft phone companion, an Android app allow you to see your most recent photos, view live notifications, send and receive text messages. Even you can make calls right from your Windows machine. It is an effective application from Microsoft team, which improves your workflow and saves a lot of time you spend on the phone.
Before getting to do this, you need some setup on your Windows machine. Also, Microsoft recommends you must have a PC running Windows 10 April 2018 Update or later and a phone running Android version7.0 or above. Both devices must be under the same network.

Setup your Windows PC with “Your phone” App

  1. Open the Windows Store on your desktop and install “Your phone“app.
  2. Launch the app and sign in to your Microsoft account. You must sign in to the same Microsoft account on your phone and PC to link your devices. You could also use the QR code either to connect

Setup your Android phone with “Windows phone companion”

  1. Open Play Store on your Android phone and install the “Your Phone Companion” app. Some Samsung devices prompted to install “Link to Windows” instead.
  2. Launch the app; you can connect two ways, either with the same Microsoft account you signed in on “Your Phone” in Windows machine. Or with QR code alternatively.

Sending Messages and making calls from your PC

Your phone home screen

The Windows “Your Phone” app includes a nicely arranged clean interface with four tabs on the left bar. You can access notifications, messages, photos and place the call from there. It seamlessly connects your Android device and provides instant access to your phone resources.

Messaging is made extremely easy. Click the message tab on the left bar it lists all of your recent conversations, same as your phone. Tap on “New Message” button on the top, type a message and hit “Send.”

You can make calls by clicking the call tab, but it requires a Bluetooth paired connection with your phone. You’ll be prompted to perform this when you click into the Calls tab on your PC. Besides, you can also do it manually form Windows system settings > Bluetooth and other devices then click add Bluetooth & other devices.

Technically, Your Windows machine is required phone cellular connection to place the calls only the voice is coming through the PC.

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  1. Can you link with multiple computers? I have a desktop and laptop. I linked my phone with my desktop and when I try to link with my laptop, it says it’s sent the request to my phone to link but I never get anything.

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