Google introduced “Verified Calls” to reduce spam and fraud calls


Google always keeps pushing more updates to its services to make users’ everyday life simple. This time they add a feature called “Verified Calls” to Google’s dialer application Google Phone App. According to the report, Android users with Google Phone App installed will taste this in the coming days. The “Verified calls” works in a way that identifies the unknown business callers whether it is a spam or genuine one.

A trustworthy communication is important to both business and consumers. We are often getting several marketing calls per day. But we do not know which one is genuine. Phone calls are in the top position where spammers used to fool people and loot money. Google identified this issue. They introduced “Verified calls”. Last year Google further also had introduced a similar feature called “Verified Messages” to ensure the identity of the business who sends messages to you.

How Verified Calls works

Source : Google

With Verified calls, if someone calls you who already verified by Google, then your Google Phone App displays the name of the caller along with a verified logo. It will show you for what reason they are calling you. That is good because you need not attend the call to know why they are calling you. We should note it because Google did this securely, as they do not collect or store any kind of verified business information.

When it will get on your device

As per the Google blog post, the Verified caller feature rolled out to Mexico, USA, Spain, and India initially. More countries will be available in the coming days. Before Google Phone App had only used with Pixel smartphones. But last month Google also makes it available to some selected non-pixel devices. The Android users with Android Pie and above can download and install it from the Google Play store.

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